Hi! This is Julie from Furry-Baby Fashions. As some of you may already know, there have been some major changes going on around here over the winter, and we are finally ready to spill the beans!

Furry-Baby Fashions has joined forces with Houndstown, another leading business in the same industry. Both businesses will now operate together under the Houndstown name, and all future transactions will take place through Houndstown.

So what does this mean to you, our customers? Well lots, actually! First, more fabric choices!! We are combining the designs and styles from both businesses, and offering tons of new ones in the coming months as well. Second, more product lines!! We now offer four distinct product lines: Banner, our plain colored nylon collars and leashes available in 23 colors; Cornerstone, our unlined collars but with great fabric and ribbon selections; Signia, which adds a Swiss velvet lining to our Cornerstone products; and finally, Estate, which is our most luxurious line, offering satin linings, French jacquards, and silks from around the globe!

And of course, what collar is complete without a full line of leashes, from Banner to Swiss velvet, tag collars, and other accessories to make it the perfect set!?

To get you started, head over to www.houndstown.com, and navigate to our Cornerstone and Signia section in our catalog index on the left. These are going to be the closest direct comparison to the original FBF collars in style and value, and then feel free to browse through the other categories from there.

We will be adding all current customers to the Houndstown newsletter list, so keep an eye open for exclusive offers and promotions in weeks and months to come. Thank you for your continued business and we look forward to working with you from our new home!! Houndstown.com